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Hello everyone!

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Hi Everyone, my family and I just moved to the VEN and would love to find out if we ever do block sales, block parties, or other events together.  If anyone has any information of those things or where I can go to find out, that would be great!  We look forward to living here for a very long time, and would love to meet neighbors.





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Hi Stacey!

I hope you and your family are settling in well. My husband and I are relatively new to this neighborhood, too and we have only met 1 of our neighbors!  I would be open to maybe BBQ'ing sometime when the weather gets a bit warmer just to get to know one another!


As far as block parties and group events, I haven't seen anytihng yet-- but there does seem to be a neighborhood monthly meeting. They usually put up notices in the neighborhood the week of. I am definietly willing to be part of planning events for this area.


Hope to see you around the block!


Hello Girls. I live of Jamaica and Florida. Me and my next door neighbors are talking about throwing a block pot lock for halloween. Short notice but im sure with some effort cant be put together fairly easily. Let me know if your interested.

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