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Watch Your Car Program

The Aurora Police Department has successfully launched the "Watch Your Car" program to help prevent auto thefts. This program is a national voluntary auto theft prevention initiative which was developed between the Bureau of Justice Administration and various states.

The program encourages motor vehicle owners to voluntarily display a decal on their vehicles to alert police that their vehicles are not normally driven between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. The police are authorized to stop the owner's vehicle between those times on the assumption that their vehicles may have been stolen.

Contact 303 739-6838 to enroll in the program.


What is the Watch Your Car program? WYC is a free, voluntary auto theft prevention program wherein vehicle owners sign an agreement stating their vehicle is not normally used between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., and give law enforcement officers the right to stop the vehicle if they see it being driven between those hours. Registered participants display Watch Your Car decals in the front and rear windows (driver’s side). Participants in the program are not prevented from driving their vehicles during these early morning hours, but they should be aware that they can be stopped. If stopped, they will be asked to show their valid driver’s license, vehicle registration receipt and proof of insurance — just as they would if stopped for a traffic violation.

Why is the WYC program valid only between 1:00 and 5:00 a.m.? Most auto thefts are committed during the early morning hours when owners are unaware that their vehicle has been stolen. The WYC decal helps law enforcement officers identify vehicles that are not routinely operated during the early morning hours, and helps in recovery of those vehicles — often before the owner even knows the vehicle has been stolen.

What if my car is stopped during those hours? Officers will verify that the person driving the vehicle is either you or someone to whom you’ve given permission to operate your vehicle. If the driver isn’t you, you will be called by a law enforcement representative to confirm that the driver has your permission to operate your vehicle. If your answer is no, the person will be arrested for stealing your vehicle.

What if I’m driving my car between those hours and I’m stopped by police? After a simple verification that you are the owner of the vehicle, you will be free to go, unless a violation of some kind is noted by the officer. If you’ve broken any law, you will be subject to arrest. By signing the registration form, you’ve given law enforcement the right to stop your vehicle without cause; if, however, a violation is noted, you will be held responsible.

What if I loan my vehicle to someone else? It is the owner’s responsibility to notify any person allowed to drive the vehicle about the terms and conditions of the WYC program.

What if I sell the vehicle I’ve registered in the WYC program? It is the owner’s responsibility to remove the WYC decals from the car and notify the Aurora Police Department that the car is being withdrawn from the program.

Where can I get more information? Call the WATCH YOUR CAR HOTLINE — 303-739-6838 and leave your name, phone number and question at the end of the recorded message. A WYC volunteer will call you back.

Posted by Arnie Schultz on 11/21/2007
Last updated on 01/15/2011
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